giving you the experience and training to

thrive and to offer life in a broken world



“I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.” John 10:10b

What would, life in all its fullest, look like for you?

A healthy marriage where you feel loved and respected. Children that are a joy to be around and happy. A balanced work and family life. coworkers that bring the best out of EACH OTHER. a church family where you are known. a time of rest and renewal to connect with god and experience peace and joy.

these won’t happen on their own, but are worth the work and training needed.

we offer a range of experiences, focus on BIBLICAL truths, that give you the tools needed to grow HEALTHIER and experience a fuller life.

Chose from: MArriage CONFERENCES, family outings, rest and renewal or to schedule a training for your sphere of influence, book a trip below.



we design experiences to challenge you to take the next step in being a spiritual guide who knows God deeply and desires to make Him known. Just as Jesus often taught through experience, we use experiential learning to bring spiritual leadership principles to life and equip participants to instill the grace and truth of Christ into their spheres of influence.

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